Autonomous Public Vehicle


Concept Design





Autonomous Bus Design


With all the changes coming to transportation and mobility countries and cities are some of the first in line to push for new solutions. Transportation technologies and innovations have to go hand by hand with progress and innovation in the transportation design as well.  As part of the development of technology and city transport solutions One One Lab Design Studio  paired with the city of Lodz for the development of an autonomous vehicle for the public. Without a driver there really is no need to have a front nor a rear and it is shown here in this horizontally symmetric design, simple surfaces that inspire trust and designed with the user in mind.

Concept Design

In all of our transportation design projects we use the latest technology in the automotive industry, the APV the design team used VR (virtual reality) technology to annalize and simulate the use of this vehicle. The VR technology allows us a faster and accurate way to see and feel proportions and dimensions of a a vehicle, reducing time and costs for the client.

Autonomous Bus Design Sketch