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In One One Lab we create mobility of the future. You being here is the first step for good design.


First started in Turin (the capital of Italian design) by eleven industrial and automotive designers, therefore “One One Lab”. Subsequently the studio shifted its headquarters to the center of Europe. Particularly to have a more strategical location to fulfill the demand of the international market. Additionally, our location adapts to our innovative collaboratively design process. Undoubtedly in a world changing to a more global community, the design process is changing as well. While the Design Team is located at the headquarters, we collaborate with designers and business developers all over the globe. Diversity in the team and collaboration with designers allows us to better understand the different design needs around the world. Furthermore, with the electrification of cars and vehicles the demand for car design and transportation design has increased. Along with this One One Lab will soon open two satellite studios in Shanghai – China and Mexico City.

Electric Vehicles, Hydrogen Trucks, Concept Design, Car Interior Design, Electric Motorcycles...

 …it is all what we do best !



One One Lab is located in the heart of Europe. Especially and strategically positioned to fulfill the global demand of our clients. Without a doubt a high-tech modern building surrounded by a forest provides the inspiration and contemporary needs of a designer. It is the right place to receive clients and cooperate with other companies.

We create a beautiful and functional world for the future

Transportation Design, Automotive Design, Product Design, client, time or size, each project begins with paper, pencils and sketches. In One One Lab ideas, concepts and innovations are crafted with technology aided experience. When ideas are clear, then it is time for the cutting-edge software and techniques to be applied. Importantly we deliver the perfect functional product without leaving behind the perfectly beautiful one. Hence our team develops each project knowing the importance of living in a beautifully functional world and the impact good design has on everybody’s lives.

Perfect in every detail. every form. every design.



One One Lab Worldwide Structure Map


At our headquarters an international team of automotive designers coming from some of the biggest companies around the world, such as: Pininfarina, Toyota, Daihatsu, Suzuki, Xin Da Yang (Geely Motors) etc. develop projects with an even wider structure collaborating with designers worldwide, from Italy, USA, Israel, Mexico, China, Poland, India, Taiwan, Colombia, Russia etc.