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Donkervoort EVx Concept Design

Donkervoort EvX

Donkervoort is a Dutch supercar company located about sixty kilometers outside of Amsterdam. Hand built with uncovered wheels and a strong influence and heritage from British sports cars like the Lotus 7 and Caterham, Donkervoort`s design and styling is quite a unique blend of tradition, technology and performance.


The car Industry is electrifying and for a car company to remain relevant it has to look to the future but without leaving the past behind, and here is where automotive design enhances and guides is throught these  changes.


Concept Design

One One Lab studied Donkervoort`s models and the cars that Donkervoort`s models were inspired by. The two things that we had to respect in the design.The front open wheels and the long front hood. Styling, innovating and envisioning the open front wheels was not easy task. Ten initial proposals were brought to the table, where five where chosen. From these five concept cars it was narrowed to three, where the final concept would be chosen, but the Design Team was still not satisfied, so in a blank piece of paper they unified the best of the other proposals and the result is a stunningly beautifully sculpted body.

The Donkervoort EV-X is a great automotive design example and the perfect symbioses between tradition and future.

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