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Double D Trailer

First 3D printed horse trailer

Double D Trailers, as a leader in the production of horse trailers, decided to revolutionize the market. They added to their offer the world’s first 3D printed horse trailer. The material from which the vehicle will be made is a mixture of biodegradable materials reinforced with carbon fibre.

Produced by a large-scale 3D printer, the horse trailer will be available to customers from 2023.

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Concept Design

One One Lab Design Studio along with Double D Trailers faced the challenge of designing the world’s first horse trailer entirely produced using 3D printing technology.

We modernize the characteristic appearance and functionality of the vehicle. The shape, in addition to utility values, had to present  new aesthetics in accordance with the requirements of our client. What has remained unchanged for years has taken on a completely new expression. The new materials and solutions helped to create a trailer that is safer and easier to use. In addition, faster to produce without relying on the supply chain.

Double D Trailer Concept Sketch