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Hine Zero Hydrogen Hyper Car Concept Design

Hine Zero Hydrogen

HINE ZERO Hydrogen Hypercar – ultimate concept vehicle powered by hydrogen cells. Equipped with four electric motors generating 950 hp. The innovative Hine design improves the vehicle’s aerodynamics by creating an air tunnel behind the passenger compartment. At the same time, it separates the cabin from the module with hydrogen tanks, which can be automatically separated if necessary. 

Concept Design

Hine’s pure form is a tribute to the cars of the nineties. Inspirational simplicity has become a benchmark for a new quality. The smoothness of a bygone era enriched with unique technology to improve the theme of a returning next-generation vehicle. A properly balanced body is eye-catching and clearly communicates the purpose of the vehicle. All this to emphasize the purity of energy from hydrogen cells.

Ultimate Hydrogen Hypercar.

Hine Zero Hydrogen Hyper CarDesign Sketch