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Hiperon Carrier Electric Van Design

Hiperon Carrier Van

Hiperon Motors is Asian manufacturer of commercial electric vehicles. The company will present the new fleet at the beginning of the second quarter of 2022. Hiperon is committed to tackle the delivery sector pollution problem by introducing new fleet of electric delivery vehicles:

Hiperon Carrier – The Cargo and delivery van for whatever your business needs might be.

Hiperon Demeter – The Hiperon flat wheelbase give you control over what you want and what you need.

Hiperon Hermes – With up to twelve passengers, Hermes will carry people comfortably.

Concept Design

One One Lab design team has the task of designing a completely new and fresh identity for the Hiperon Motors company. The layout and chassis couldn’t be touched the automotive styling process had to respect the existing base. And here is where we see the importance of style above other factors.

Beautiful simplicity and purity of lines make the Hiperon look outstanding. The solid form of a van dressed in soft surfaces is broken thru the sharpness of lines, to make the whole vehicle much lighter to the eye.

Hiperon Carrier Electric Van Design Sketch

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