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Leia gabriel vehicle design

Tiny Luxury

A company based in Warsaw; Poland entering into the field of transportation design. With new ideas and innovative solutions for personal mobility.
They understand the importance of transportation design and the added value to their product, added value that can more often than none make the difference between a failed or a successful product. The key word that was given to One One Lab Design Studio for this transportation design project was Luxury.

The Design team had to fully, understand and then reinterpret and adapt what Luxury is.

Concept Design

The Leia Gabriel LUV is a micro compact luxury vehicle. We always associate luxury with space, especially when it comes to vehicles. But in the world of car design, we are constantly having to redefine luxury, this was one of the biggest challenges for One One Lab in this project. In the end a complex transportation design project that involved all the steps from, a simple sketch on a white piece of paper, going through digital renderings, cad modelling all the way to prototyping. The result is a strikingly beautiful vehicle that uses light to interact with the surfaces of the body and an interesting use of materials that help the vehicle look bigger than it actually is. The interior design is just as shocking with a two-tone leather and copper elements surrounding the occupants.
A unique, innovative and beautiful vehicle.

Leia Gabriel concept design sketch