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Nikola Motor Company



Hydrogen Semi Truck for Europe - Nikola Tre

Innovative American Company – Nikola Motor has focused all their efforts into clean hydrogen energy to power commercial vehicles.

Realizing that not only cars have to leave the internal combustion engines behind. Nikola has been developing a more traditional truck for the American market. In order to attack different markets they could not follow the same strategy. Having working together in previous projects, Nikola gave this task to One One Lab.

Nikola Tre Design

Having a design team based in Europe, the task of styling The Tre was ideal for an automotive design studio like us. The Nikola Tre concept had to follow a Cab Over layout and style which is the most common layout for semi-trucks in Europe. The Tre had to follow certain design cues from the Nikola Trucks but it should be suited to a European perception. Shocking and elegant. In addition, the vehicle design had to portrait how a technologically advance fuel cell semi-truck should look. Our Design Team came up with hundreds of sketches. Five final proposals where furthered developed until the main concept was chosen. Then go through the next steps in which every detail was developed. For instance, front LED grill display. Our team designed a beautiful truck and on April 2019 the Tre was unveiled to the public in Arizona, USA. See it here.

Nikola Tre Concept Design Sketch

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