Concept Design





Syrma Hyper Sport Design Concept

Syrma Hyper Car

The Syrma Hypersport is where it all began for One One Lab Design Studio.


Eleven Concepts were developed by eleven car designers.

One of the most beautiful automotive design projects from the founders of the Design Studio.
Designed, developed and built in Turin Italy. The 1:1 Prototype Unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show 2015.

Concept Design

Eleven car designers of different nationalities, different cultures, religions, ages and backgrounds.
Unified by the same goal, the styling and creation of the Syrma Hypersport. The team worked together in developing all the proposals. Each one of them contributing on all of the automotive design aspects, taking advantage on their diverse fields of expertise. From hand sketching, 3D modeling, rendering, conceptualization, clay modelling, etc.
The result is a beautiful example of good car design execution, a sleek and shocking car, beautiful in the overall simplicity but intrinsically complex in the details. Something that has been one of the fundamental design ideologies of One One Lab. 

Syrma Hyper Sport Design Sketch

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