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Zacua Concept EV Car Design

Zacua - Mexico EV

Zacua is a quite new “EV” electric car company based in Mexico.

Zacua’s vision to develop a compact electric city car for the world’s largest cities such as Mexico City is quite interesting, however the road for a new, small company can be treacherous specially in the automotive design area. Zacua`s first two models while completely engineered by them, had to borrow the design from Chatenet Automobiles.


Concept Design

One One Lab design team has the task of designing a completely new and fresh identity for the Mexican company. The layout and chassis couldn’t be touched the automotive styling process had to respect the existing base. And here is where we see the importance of style above other factors.

Clean, young, simple and elegant where the words that ruled over this automotive design process. Removing unnecessary elements not only reduces costs of production but can actually enhance the design. Having hidden A pillars, a different color hatch, front end and roof opens up the field of personalization. The result is a small cheerful little car with a unique identity that embraces the concepts of, affordable, simple, small, electric, elegant and friendly.

Zacua MX Zero design sketch

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