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Zuna Solar Car Design by One One Lab Design Studio

Solar Electric Vehicle

Zuna Aurora – a solar electric vehicle and an elegant premium class limousine at the same time. The styling of this remarkable electric car was designed by One One Lab Design Studio. The carefully designed silhouette took shape in the privacy of the headquarters in Poland. Never before has a solar powered vehicle been so beautifully shaped.

The majesty of infinite energy fully describes the characteristics of this car.

Concept Design

   The Aurora is a car partially powered by solar energy. A large part of the body had to be covered with solar panels. Therefore, at an early stage of designing the exterior, it was a huge challenge. Many limitations hampered the design process. The curvature of the roof, the distribution of the panels and the angle of inclination. The shape of the solar plate made it possible to cover the surface more efficiently. However, we still had to take care of the aesthetics. Ultimately, many elements had to be tuned together to create one of the most beautiful solar vehicles.

Electric Solar Vehicle Design Sketch

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