Originated in Turin the Italian capital of design with the original industrial, graphic and automotive 11 designers, therefore “One One Lab”. One One lab shifted it's headquarters to the center of Europe to have a more strategically location in order to fill the demand of the European and worldwide market and to adapt to our innovative collaboratively design process.In a world that changes to a more global community the design process has to change as well, while the main team of interna-

tional designers is fisically at the headquerters, we have collaboration with designers and business developers spread around the world. This innovative process allows us to better understand the different design needs around the world and to better adapt to our clients’ needs, shortening cultural, geographical and language boarders. Boarders that will be even shorter soon when One One Lab opens two more facilities in Mumbai, India and Mexico City, Mexico.



As a disease the idea of “Design Thinking” has spread around the world and the world of Design has fallen into a comfort zone, and comfort is boring and uninspiring, Design is more than thinking. Design is about Feeling. As humans our first reaction to everything is emotional then is rational, and they both have to live in a perfect symbiosis. At One One Lab studio we believe that we have to live in a functional and beautiful world. No matter the topic, the client, the time or the size each project begins with paper, pencils and sketches.

Ideas, concepts and innovation is created without the interference and design limitations of technology, when ideas are clear the cutting edge software and techniques are applied to deliver the perfect functional product without leaving behind the perfectly beautiful one. Our team develops each project having in mind the importance of living in a functional and beautiful world and the impact good design has on everybody’s lives.





At the headquarters an international team of designers coming from some of the biggest companies in the world as, Pininfarina, Toyota, Daihatsu, Suzuki, Xin Da Yang (Geely Motors) etc. develop projects with an even wider structure of designers located around the world, from Italy, USA, Israel, Mexico, China, Poland, India, Taiwan, Colombia, Russia etc.




Located in the center of Europe is strategically positioned to fulfill the demands of our clients in Europe, Asia, North and South America, Northern Africa and Middle East. A high-tech modern building provides the contemporary needs of a designer and the right comfort to focus on the design, and offers us the right place to receive clients and cooperate with other companies. The building is surrounded by a dense and green forest. The One One Lab headquarters reflect the ideology of the studio where the function and the form come together.