We develop the products your dream of.

Everything, is what we can design.

In the product design there must be a great marriage between beauty and functionality.

We design products analyzing the function and the user. This latter is incredibly important since the user wants products that work and that reflect whom and how he is. One One Lab’s product design team starts every project with a target research to choose the right strategy approach. Our clients understand the importance of design and style in their products. For one thing good styling and design are the purchase decision point when a customer is encounter with similar products.

Industrial Design & More

Product design is a wide and encompassing term. Therefore, it includes the design of electronics, furniture, home appliances, sporting goods, toys, packaging and much more. Everything that the modern human interacts with has to be designed. These products around us that we use on a day-to-day basis define more than the primary function. With this in mind we understand that these objects have to firstly complete their goal. Secondly, they have to be aesthetically pleasing so we can feel joy while interacting with them or by just looking at them. Well design products define our interconnection to our surroundings and can directly and indirectly affect our mood.

Product Design Services

– Concept development

– Product Design

– Branding development

– Style sketches & renderings

– UI & UX

– Cad modeling

– VR presentation

– 3D renderings

– Scale models

– Prototypes

– 3D Prints

Selected works

Perfection in every detail

Each product deserves to be and must be designed with keen attention to details.

Design with usability & style in mind.

One One Lab – Design Studio is founded under the believe that functionality is the core and is
completely essential. However design is not a good design unless functionality is married with a strikingly beautiful object.






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