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Cisne - Electric Scooter


A new line of electric city scooter. CISNE is a compact, one-person vehicle that will be perfect as an alternative means of transport. The range of 105 km and the maximum speed of 70 km / h makes it an ideal solution in a large city environment.

In addition, CISNE has an innovative PES battery replacement system, which allows you to easily replace part of the battery. Thanks to this, you can enjoy an additional 30 km of range without recharging.

Concept Design

CISNE (Eng. Swan) is elegance in its purest form. We wanted to create a vehicle that would perfectly fit into the landscape of urban agglomerations. Where modernity often meets tradition. Non-pushy design was of great importance to us. The calm, flowing lines of the Cisne fully reflect its character and complement the technological solutions.

Beautiful simplicity makes Cisne look great in all circumstances.

Cisne - Electric Scooter