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Grandega One One Lab SUV

Grandega e-SUV

The Grandega is the largest electric SUV ever designed in One One Lab Design Studio. The uncompromising size allows even the most demanding passengers to travel comfortably. A spacious interior full of elegance will turn every journey into a relaxing moment. The high suspension and electric all-wheel drive can prove invaluable in difficult off-road conditions.

The Grandega – Definitely one of the most promising SUVs of the future we have seen.

Concept Design

The Grandega, as a vehicle distinguished by its size, required the designers to be careful in their actions. The monumental body has an elegant, very subdued look. All aggression was replaced with an elegant calm worthy of the greatest predators on the road. The muscular structure was broken by the dynamically sloping roof line. Thus setting a new standard of aerodynamics for this type of vehicle. To give a unique character to the silhouette of the vehicle, the designers tried to describe the concept using only a few lines. Everything superfluous has been removed.

We were only interested in the essence and purity of form. Emphasizing the assumptions by making this monumental vehicle light.

Grandega design sketch

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