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Yayo Electric Vehicle design by One One Lab Design Studio

Yayo EV - The way to urban mobility.

Welcome to the future of city driving – the Yayo electric 2-seater car. Designed in One One Lab, Yayo is redefining urban mobility with its compact size, eco-friendly technology, and modern aesthetics.

Effortless Navigation. With its compact size and unique one-behind-the-other seating, Yayo seamlessly maneuvers through traffic, bringing you closer to your destination.

Eco-Friendly. Yayo’s all-electric powertrain ensures zero emissions and a quiet, smooth ride. Contribute to a cleaner and quieter city.

Innovative Design. Inspired by Japanese design philosophy, Yayo’s sleek and minimalist form makes a statement on the road while blending harmoniously with the cityscape.

Yayo Electric Vehicle design by One One Lab Design Studio

In the bustling streets of Tokyo, a new symbol of urban mobility has emerged – the Yayo. Born in the heart of Japan, Yayo is not just a car; it’s a visionary concept that embraces the rhythm of city life. As a compact and all-electric 2-seater, Yayo glides through narrow lanes, connecting people to places with elegance and sustainability. With its innovative design and unwavering commitment to a greener tomorrow, Yayo has become the embodiment of modern urban exploration.

Concept Design

The design of the Yayo electric 2-seater car is a harmonious blend of futuristic aesthetics and practicality. Drawing inspiration from Japan’s minimalist approach to design, Yayo embodies simplicity in every curve and contour. The streamlined body not only maximizes aerodynamic efficiency but also pays homage to the fluid lines found in nature.

The one-behind-the-other seating arrangement optimizes space, allowing Yayo to effortlessly navigate through congested streets and tight parking spaces. The panoramic glass roof floods the cabin with natural light, creating an open and airy ambiance for the passengers. LED lighting elements seamlessly integrate with the exterior, giving Yayo a distinctive presence, day or night.

Yayo Electric Vehicle design sketch by One One Lab Design Studio